Oneness and multiplicity live together. . . .
This is one of the essential points of dharma practice.
How can we perceive and express the oneness of everything within the myriad things we encounter?

— Dogen’s Freeing Verse, translated by Shohaku Okumura

Blessings for Summer!

Pamsula Zen Center
Rev. Daiken Nelson, Roshi Guiding Teacher

A place where everyone is free to be and become themself

We are continuing virtually.

• Every Monday Evening •

6:00 p.m. — Gather
6:10 — Meditation
6:35 — Check-in & Discussion
(It is possible to join or leave the session at any time)

• Every Friday Morning •

7:30 p.m. — Gather
7:35 — Meditation
8:00 Walking Meditation (Kinhin)
8:05 — Meditation
8:30 — 4 Bodhisattva Vows
(It is possible to join or leave the session at any time)

• Monthly Zazenkai / Half-Day Meditation Retreat •

Open To All!

We will stream live via Facebook Live at: Pamsula Zen Center Facebook Page

And, via Zoom: PM for Zoom link: Here

Pamsula (definition):
1) Dusty, covered with dust; 2) Polluted, defiled, sullied, stained
Traditionally, the discarded, soiled cloth that monks & nuns found
from which they made their robes

The mind’s wandering is its being turned by the Flower of the Dharma:
The mind’s awakening is its turning of the Flower of the Dharma.
If what we fully realize is like this,
It is the Flower of the Dharma setting in motion the flowering of the Dharma.

Everything, just as it is, is a rare treasure, a luminous radiance, a place for training in the Way.
Everything, just as it is, is great, vast, profound, and far-reaching in its influence;
everything is the profound, vast, and far-reaching supreme, fully perfected enlightenment;
everything is the mind’s wandering off into delusion at the turning of the Dharma Flower;
everything is the mind’s awakening which turns the Flower of the Dharma;
everything is truly the Flower of the Dharma setting in motion the Dharma’s flowering.

Hokke Ten Hokke (Dharma Blossoms Turn Dharma Blossoms)
— Eihei Dogen, Shobogenzo (True Treasury of The Dharma Eye)